New Beginnings…

I am extremely proud to be writing the first blog as Class HR working in partnership with Agar Management Consultancy Ltd (Agar).

We have spent the last few months planning and building the Class HR brand and now we are ready!

The opportunity for Class HR and Agar to work in partnership has been truly organic; from our first meeting together, it was clear that both organisations shared the core belief that the success behind every business is based on their culture. I was immediately struck by the Agar strapline ‘Culture Matters’. This is so true! To cultivate a culture of success the ‘matters’ of the business need to be at the heart. Therefore, in bringing together Agar and Class HR we have an exciting opportunity to focus on both; supporting businesses to build and strengthen their culture and to focus on the matters within the business. 

As we enter this exciting chapter it is also great to welcome Caroline Preston to the Agar Team. Caroline recently graduated from the University of Exeter with first class honours in History BA and won an award for being the ‘best modern history student’ in her year. She has spent the first few weeks shadowing Jack and Dee, receiving her own Insights profile and meeting a range of clients and myself. She has immediately become an integral member of the Agar and Class HR partnership.  Caroline shares my passion and enthusiasm of being part of such a dynamic and positive team – a team in which the ethos is that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

Please share any thoughts or feedback with us.  We very much look forward to providing you with further updates as we embark on this exciting chapter together.

Clare Luke

Business Consultant – Class HR